Sex and Cannabis

After 30 some years of using cannabis I can’t really say it’s been an aphrodisiac for me. I think depending on the high, sex can be more intense and role play may heighten those feelings. For others, it may simply depend on the amount of THC in the system. A small amount may calm and relax someone enough to open up and loosen their inhibitions, while the altered state of mind after more may also discourage focus.

It’s well known that many artists, musicians and video game players use cannabis to heighten their experience and creativity, so this could also add to creativity in your lovemaking.

So perhaps it’s by using with intention, and finding a good way to set the mood. Good music is a sure way, perhaps along with some food-play; strawberries and whip cream for example. It’s the best way to enjoy fruit and cream while totally satisfying your munchies!