How to Identify a Fake Profile

Normally the process when you meet someone online is to send a message, a wink, or some form of quick communication. Then the other person responds via that same platform, and a conversation will take place maybe 1 to 3 days. Then if interested, one or the other will ask for a phone number… if they are real that is how it usually happens! That way they can either send you a text and/or a phone call. If they do not ask for your phone number but they ask if you have a Hangout profile or possibly a different platform than Cannamates, they are more than likely fake. Through Hangout you can’t be tracked via a number so when you ask them to call you and give them your phone number and they don’t contact you that way, it’s because they don’t want you to have a number to trace back to where they are. Many times these fakes can keep you going for a week or so in what used to be an email trying to Spam you for money from Nigeria or somewhere – now they actually have people that will do multiple chats enticing their mark with good morning pictures, perhaps saying they’re doctors from Doctors Without Borders for an example. Later they hit you up for help by asking to get their money out of the country. Do not fall for it, it is bullshit.

A genuine person will get your phone number and text you or call you – bottom line. Another thing they have in common is they usually don’t have Facebook or social media profiles, and if they do, those are fake too.

A great way to ‘weed out’ phonies is to ask them personal questions, like a memory of a time they enjoyed with their pet, or check out the area they say they live in and ask a question about the city or town – it’s difficult to answer a question about Portland if you’ve never been to the States! Enjoy meeting people online but be careful with your heart – and your information!