Getting Your Date High

It is important to understand that when you first begin dating someone who doesn’t use cannabis or hasn’t for a very long time, to not get them too high. Those of us who have a high tolerance for smoking a couple of joints is nothing, but one hit for someone who hasn’t/does not have cannabis in their system could be all the difference in your relationship. Remember how you felt when you first got high – paranoid. Nobody wants to feel paranoid on their first date, especially when you are already nervous. So, keep in mind if they want to try cannabis, go slow! One good or two small hits should do it. Wait-a-bit, maybe 20 minutes or so, and see how they feel. It is important to go slow and if they choose to try it on another date, use the same process. If they opt not to, just let it be if they let you ‘do you’.

Another important factor is a good balance between sativa or indica, so a highbred is the way to go. Having your date fall asleep is no fun either. So as in every aspect of a relationship, a good balance and understanding is much needed.